At a free consultation, you will learn how to safely purchase a company in Latvia in 24 hours

Purchase a company in Latvia in 24 hours

To significantly reduce the time of company registration, obtaining the appropriate licenses and permits, and start working immediately – ACCOUNTANCY LATVIA offers you to purchase a ready-made company.

The company you purchase has an absolutely transparent and understandable history, is not burdened by anything, has no debts or hidden obligations. Documents for re-registration will be prepared within 1 hour. The company becomes yours within 24 hours.

Purchasing a company, you will save 1-2 months and will be able to to start working right away.

The following companies are for sale:

  • With history (over 1 year old)

  • With VAT number

  • With a special VAT regime in import transactions (we do not pay VAT on imports)

  • With a license (construction, international transportation, personnel lease, etc.)


When purchasing a company:

  • You can check all current and historical information in the official database:

  • You can choose your unique name

  • You can change the company activity type at any time

How can I sign the constitutional cuments when purchasing a company in Latvia?

  • Using the European electronic signature (fast and easy)

  • Face-to-face with at the Latvian notary's office (fast and easy)

  • Remotely, in your own country, (not fast, additional costs)

If for some reason you do not want to purchase a ready-made company,

then you can order the registration of your new company and set the parameters you are interested in beforehand (name, bank, VAT, substance, etc.).

Already chosen a company for purchase?

If you already have chosen a company, then we can make its independent internal audit and assess the risks associated with the purchase.
What are our actions and the documents we check?
  • Founding documents

  • Financial reporting for 3 years

  • Accuracy of bookkeeping and tax risks

  • Encumbrances

    (liquidation processes, insolvency, late payments, commercial pledges, collateral)

  • We will collect available information from open / paid sources;

In case you do not know exactly what will is more relevant in your case, whether it is purchase a ready-made company or registering a new one, then request a call back. We will contact you within 15 minutes and help you decide.

Still have any questions?

We will advise You and explain all the nuances.